Profesjonalne towarzystwo zrzeszające osoby praktykujące analizę i psychoterapię jungowską

The International Association for Analytical Psychology (IAAP) was founded in 1955. This organization accredits Jungian analysts and regulates the work of all analytical psychology societies all over the world, including the Polish Association for Analytical Psychology. The IAAP includes more than 3000 analysts.

The aim of the IAAP is to spread the understanding and application of analytical psychology in society. Its goal is  to keep attention to compliance with accepted standards of professional, scientific and ethical training for analysts, conducted in different countries. IAAP also aims to keep the international standards of analytical practice.

The IAAP representatives responsible for the analytical training in the PTPA are: Marianne Mueller from Switzerland (IAAP President Elect, Regional Organizer for Central Europe) and Regina Renn from Germany (PTPA Router Coordinator).


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