Profesjonalne towarzystwo zrzeszające osoby praktykujące analizę i psychoterapię jungowską

The main idea of Jungian psychotherapy is to understand how much of what we feel, what we think of ourselves and of other people is a reflection of the forces and processes that we are not fully aware of. This may be a part of a human nature,  the collective unconscious or a part of the individual unconscious.

The aim of psychotherapy is to bring consciousness into the inner world of man. Psychotherapeutic sessions provide a time and space for observing patterns and for discussing difficulties that have been experienced in one’s life. It is a time for an exploration of feelings about various aspects of life and one’s relationships. Talking about past experiences can be crucial and lead to a better understanding of the current situation. Analyzing external issues and events, as well as fantasies and dreams can help reveal unconscious attitudes that can make it possible to work on the improving the patient’s self-awareness. Changing the external conditions of life may not be possible at the moment, but one can always change the internal standards, attitudes, and how one responds, which would eventually result in changes in the whole image of the situation. Finding the solution of internal conflicts and achieving freedom from the past can bring the opportunity for a fully living in the present. This process can release the vital energy, or might help to find a new approach to life when the person cannot control the circumstances of external events, such as in the case of a loss.

Psychotherapeutic sessions last 50 minutes and are usually held once or twice a week, which is fixed during a consultation meeting.