Profesjonalne towarzystwo zrzeszające osoby praktykujące analizę i psychoterapię jungowską

The main idea of the creation of a classic and archetypal section (“Red Route”) is a  return to the sources. A multidimensional and multi-layered vision of man, culture and the world, offered by Jung, Hillman, Marie Louise von Franz, Mario Jacobi and their successors. Let it be a journey into the world of dreams and myths, metaphors and symbols, fairy tales and art. A journey through reliable amplification. The above and a departure from one-sided reductionism towards a teleological way of thinking makes Jung’s psychology so attractive.

Many of us work or would like to work in a such convention.  Therefore, our goal is to reach a vision of Jungian norm and pathology dispersed at different locations. We also want to reexamine the role of the analyst and the analytical relationship, often still different from the classical psychoanalytic view.

Another field of study will include seminars on James Hillman and archetypal psychology, in order to create a background for work with the deeper layers of the unconscious.

We are about to investigate the Red Book and arrange workshops and seminars on this subject, inspired by similar activities happening all over the world.

Finally, we wish to return to dreams and active imagination, which we understand as a a  source and a help, an image and necessity. This might be the most important part of our work.

Then we will go even further, as Jung was a wanderer and he has paved many different roads and paths for his followers. Some of them are still to be discovered.