Profesjonalne towarzystwo zrzeszające osoby praktykujące analizę i psychoterapię jungowską

Jungian analysis is a dialectical process that is enacted between the analyst and the patient, the goal of which is to work on the content of the unconscious. The meeting of consciousness and unconsciousness occurs at the central point called by Jung the Self. Analysis is the process of paying attention to the spiritual development of man.

Analysis typically takes several years and passes through various stages. Jung distinguishes the following phases of this work: the stage of getting to know, of acceptance and of integration of  the unconscious contents with the existing structure of the personality. Analysis differs from psychotherapy by its intensity and depth of the relationship as well as by the duration and frequency of the sessions. Other differences include assumptions about the role of the analyst. Since analysis involves dialogue, cooperation and exchange. Its point of departure is focused on the goal (teleological point of view), not on the cause of the dysfunction.